Vasectomy - Vasectomy Reversal - Sperm Retrieval Fertility Clinic in Toronto Ontario Canada

The cost of a vasectomy reversal in Toronto is about $5000

Since Canadian provincial health-care providers including Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) do not cover the costs of a vasectomy reversal, we make every effort to maintain a reasonable price, which includes the surgeon, hospital and anesthetic fees.

Dr. Kirk C Lo

Dr. Kirk C. Lo is a Board Certified Urologist, an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto, at  the Murray Koffler Urologic Wellness Center and a faculty at the Mount Sinai Hospital. Dr. Lo is fellowship-trained in microsurgeon and his clinical focus is microsurgical vasectomy reversal and male infertility. SPERM RETRIEVAL (MicroTESTE) COSTCurrently the Ministry of Health in Ontario is funding for one cycle of IVF-ICSI for qualified couples, however, micro-TESE for sperm retrieval is a chargeable service. Information on the government-funded fertility treatment program can be found at: Ontario Fertility Program